All deliveries handled in accordance with OSHA / HIPAA standards.

Pharmaceutical Courier Services: When MANKO provides courier services to the pharmaceutical sector we make sure that the driver or the courier person we select can handle medicines from their locations to pharmacies and other locations around the country. We will be able to handle local and national deliveries and fit into your current operational schedules. Privacy and security is the most important asset for pharmaceuticals and we understand that.

Our success is built on our ability to respond to your specific requirements and our intuitive flexibility to adapt to the new challenges in delivering clinical trials logistics support to emerging populations on a truly global scale. We also provide on demand pick-up and delivery of urgently needed prescriptions and patient supplies around the clock for some of the largest pharmacies and healthcare organizations in the country. For more routine needs, we also offer scheduled and routed deliveries or therapeutics and other products for pharmacies, hospitals and hospital networks. Temperature controlled deliveries are available as needed.

Remote Local Stocking of Sales Samples

In addition, MANKO also provides remote local stocking of sales samples and commonly dispensed products for many of drug companies in Florida. This service helps provide timely and cost effective access to regional sales forces, hospitals and pharmacy outlets. While the development of new IP protected therapeutics is critical, just as important is the timely distribution of these new medicines to forward locations in target markets.

For more information, please contact the local office for your area of interest.

Medical Delivery Solutions
  • Prescription/Pharmaceutical Delivery Service in Florida
  • Transport medical bio-hazardous specimens to and from physician offices, sites, hospitals throughout the state, labs, medical centers in temperature controlled sealed coolers
  • Not limited to specimens, medical products, medical instruments in Florida
  • MANKO serves to the specialized needs of our customer throughout Florida

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