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    January 10, 2014


    January 10th, 2014: David Armitage and Bryan Bilchik are extremely pleased to announce the completion of their purchase of Manko Delivery Systems, Inc from it’s founder – John Benko. With an excellent base of customers, dedicated team members and a vision for expansion; David Armitage as President/CEO and Bryan Bilchik as VP/COO are extremely excited about the business potential and future success. With facilities servicing the Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando markets Manko is positioned to provide service throughout Central and Southwest Florida.

Fulfillment / Distribution

Your customers deserve a quick response, whatever their warehouse management and fulfillment service needs may be.

Let MANKO warehouse your products or parts locally in our warehouse storage facilities and deliver them on an as-needed basis anytime and anywhere throughout the Southwest. MANKO can inventory your goods, fulfill orders and deliver them as often as necessary, utilizing our own warehouses and computerized inventory system.

Now you can complete e-commerce and other fulfillment operations in a timely, economical manner.

With warehouse facilities in Tampa, MANKO can inventory your goods, break down shipments, pick and pack to fulfill orders and deliver them either same day or next day, utilizing our own warehouses and state-of-the-art computerized inventory system.

Warehouse Management and Warehouse Storing Retail and E-commerce Fulfillment Pick and Pack Cross Docking Over 15,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Storage