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    January 10, 2014


    January 10th, 2014: David Armitage and Bryan Bilchik are extremely pleased to announce the completion of their purchase of Manko Delivery Systems, Inc from it’s founder – John Benko. With an excellent base of customers, dedicated team members and a vision for expansion; David Armitage as President/CEO and Bryan Bilchik as VP/COO are extremely excited about the business potential and future success. With facilities servicing the Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando markets Manko is positioned to provide service throughout Central and Southwest Florida.

Cross Docking

Save Time and Money With Cross Docking Services

Whether you’re cross docked shipment is going out in bulk to another distribution point (e.g. retail store) or is broken down into items to be delivered last mile direct to individual end users, MANKO can handle all your shipments accurately, efficiently and on time.

MANKO provides cross-docking services that allow your company to route shipments from different locations to our facility to be distributed locally by our outbound trucks with little or no storage time based on your needs. We can guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of our cross-docking services because we have more resources available–more drivers, a wider area of coverage and better technology and processes for dispatching, tracking and communicating.

When your shipments reach MANKO’s cross-docking facilities they are quickly parceled out to our waiting trucks utilizing the latest in technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency. These smaller shipments can be delivered last mile direct to your clients seamlessly and with the superior customer service you can count on from MANKO.

With cross docking and warehouse fulfillment locations in Tampa and Orlando, Miami; Jacksonville Florida MANKO can facilitate all of your supply chain management needs throughout the state and beyond.

Cross Docking Technology

Scanning Device Capabilities:

  • Uploaded with Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN)
  • Scan and compare received shipments to ASN
  • Provide overages/shortage/damage reports (OSD)
  • Provide electronic evidence of damages
  • Capable of scanning returns and pick-ups from the customer with real-time documentation to the shipper
  • Maintains operations inventory accuracy and integrity

Cross Docking Facilities

  • 15,000+ sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • 9 Docks