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    January 10, 2014


    January 10th, 2014: David Armitage and Bryan Bilchik are extremely pleased to announce the completion of their purchase of Manko Delivery Systems, Inc from it’s founder – John Benko. With an excellent base of customers, dedicated team members and a vision for expansion; David Armitage as President/CEO and Bryan Bilchik as VP/COO are extremely excited about the business potential and future success. With facilities servicing the Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando markets Manko is positioned to provide service throughout Central and Southwest Florida.

Dedicated Drivers

Fleet Replacement: A Cost Effective and Efficient Alternative

By outsourcing delivery needs to MANKO you accomplish the following:

  • Lower operating costs – You eliminate delivery vehicle maintenance and insurance, fuel, courier driver wages, and Workers’ Comp claims.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Deliveries are guaranteed to be made in a timely manner which results in happy customers.
  • Eliminate the potential for lawsuits as a result of delivery vehicle accidents.
  • Eliminate the hassles of maintaining your own delivery vehicle(s) and personnel.

With more than 27 years experience making deliveries on-time throughout the Southwest, MANKO has the vehicles, delivery drivers and technology needed to meet your critical schedules for delivery and pick-up for less money than you’re paying now to do it yourself.

Let us do the driving while you take care of business. Speak to one of our logistics specialists today and explore the benefits and savings with MANKO Dedicated Drivers. Call 866-626-5622 or email us to let us know a good time to get in touch with you.

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